Phase 4 - Validation

Solmek have been involved in numerous successful yet complex remediation schemes, our services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each development. Validation works are generally undertaken following completion of the requirements defined within the Remediation Statement.

The purpose is to identify the success or otherwise of remediation works and to identify whether any further remediation or risk management measures are necessary to ensure the site is suitable for the intended end use. This can consist of the inspection of clean cover systems, supervision of site works as a 'watching brief', sampling of soil and groundwater to confirm end use suitability.

With the introduction of legislation formed under the Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, local authorities were given the responsibility of developing a strategy for inspecting their areas and identifying harmful sites. In response, many local authorities have produced or cooperated in the formation of technical guidance and verification requirement documentation. Solmek have many years of experience working to the documentation of one of the largest such groups the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Pollution Advisory Group (YALPAG).

The validation works culminate in the collation of a detailed Validation Report which will includes copies of all records, plans and contamination analysis. The report is then submitted to the relevant authorities for planning condition discharge and approval of the remedial works.